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We Complete Every Step Carefully

If you’d like to help to save the lives of disadvantaged families, inspire the world of education for children currently without access to the tools and resources that they need, empower youth and women and end poverty within rural communities through supporting sustainable farming and climate change mitigation, then please contact us


Fill out the volunteer form

The first thing we need you to do is fill out our volunteer form. This form will add you to our mailing list and also helps us gather some information about you. We will store this information in our volunteer database and keep you in the loop of upcoming projects.

Receive and email confirmation

We will review the volunteer form submission and reach out to you via email with additional information. We may have additional questions for you at this time to clarify your skillset and/or what kind of assistance you can provide.



That's it!

At this point you are an official volunteer of Make-A-Smile!