Our Approach

 Families are at the heart of our approach and four broad leadership academies are convened to nurture entrepreneurial leaders who serve as change makers in their families, workplaces, and communities in diverse socio-economic contexts, fields and disciplines. The leadership academies promote the growth of a movement of change making transformative entrepreneurial leaders through peer support, and acquisition of leadership life skills in immersive 6 to 12-month cohorts. The goal of the leadership academies if ” to fully ignite the potential for change making visionary and entrepreneurial leadership in Uganda and Africa through the promotion of self-help, self-determination, and self-empowerment principles.” Changing Mindsets, Nurturing Entrepreneurial Leaders and Creating Social Transformation is the theme of the Leadership Academies. A Family Support Program (FSP) complements the Leadership Academies.


The iCON Leadership Academy (iLA)

The iCON Family Leadership & Parenting Academy (iFLPA)

The iCON Leadership Academy (iLA) is one of the academies convened for individuals and teams by the iCON Enterprise Foundation (iCON). The iLA nurtures individual leaders and leadership teams through a self-help and empowerment 12-month modular immersive experience. It employs participatory, strength-based, and culturally responsive principles to support them to grow into their full potential to be transformational leaders and change makers at family level, in their communities and their respective disciplines/ fields. Like the other academies, the iLA creates space for self-awareness, inter-generational and peer mentorship, and skills building. We help individual women and/or young people and groups to reflect on their rights and responsibilities towards themselves and others.



Most parents are not trained or prepared to perform perhaps the most important job in their lives – parenting. The Family Leadership and Parenting Academy (iFLPA) equips male and female parents, and teachers with practical tools to build their family leadership and economic capacity. Parents and teachers are supported to grow into effective parents and teachers.  It also works with in school children through self-organizing Boys2Leadership Star Clubs and Girls2Leadership Star Clubs. This academy has an entrepreneurship development component for families that focuses on developing practical business or social enterprise skills for parents and their children. The iFLPA promotes the concept of family-owned businesses or social enterprises as a platform not just for revenue generation but also for peacebuilding, and life-skills education for children and young people. 



The iCON Women & Young People’s Leadership Academy (iWYPLA)

The Family Support Program (FSP)

The iWYPLA primarily engages women and young people. iCON recognizes the relatively untapped formidable entrepreneurial leadership potential of women and young people that can be unleashed and ignited to cause fundamental social changes in all sectors. We are building a vibrant leadership community of individual women and young people who are participating in multigenerational and cross gender entrepreneurial leadership dialogue and entrepreneurial leadership action. iCON draws on the basic approaches of African family informal education- the individual’s responsibility to one’s family and community. With an underlying guiding principal of self-help, iCON is facilitating a paradigm shift within its target group from dependency and complacency towards one that illuminates the individual entrepreneurial leadership potential inherently present in everyone. 




The iCON Children's Leadership Academy (iCLA)

The iCON Children’s Leadership Academy (iCLA) ignitess the entrepreneurial leadership spirit of in and out of school children and teenagers aged 6 to 18 years. The theme of the iCLA is “Our Children are today’s Leaders and Innovators.” Through self-organized Boys2Leadership Star Clubs and Girls2Leadership Start Clubs the iCLA places children at the helm of the social transformation movement from an early stage.

As we seek to develop entrepreneurial leadership skills and increase the capacity of parents to provide for their families, we recognize the need for bridge support in the event of family emergencies. iCON’s Family Support Program (FSP) aims to address barriers to children’s retention and excellence in school by working directly with parents/guardians of children and young adults aged 6 to 21 years of age who are at extreme risk of dropping out of school or who have dropped out of school due to unforeseen individual and family debilitating circumstances. The FSP has two provisions and facilitates the following:

  1. 3-year Education Support Grants (Education Fellowships)
  2. Resilience Coaching for Parents/Guardians